Amazing characters by Stanley Lau aka Artgerm

Stanley Lau aka Artgerm is a well known artist in the art world, from digital entertainment until the amazing characters and computer games category.

The artist is very active in the art community through its participation in international conferences and educational institutions where he shares his experience and passion for art. Artgerm was often invited to countries like USA , Japan , Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore . More information about the artist- can find here:

In this article we present a few selections from his 2013 work . This year he is known for:   characters fromDarkstalkers game series “Resurrection” , titled in Japan as “Vampire Resurrection”,  a series of female superheroes on the cover of a magazine imaginary called ” Justice Magazine “,  more work super girls statues for DC Comics: “Cover Girls – Supergirl Statue “, more commissions from the series “Originals” and for more others beautiful artwork.

For a complete documentation about the artist artwork, you can watch : DeviantArt and Facebook.

Super girls statues for DC Comics

batwoman_final_lr_by_artgerm-d6irs8mBatwoman Final Ir by Artgerm

huntress_final_lr_by_artgerm-d6irrgnDC Comics  Cover Girls – Huntress  by Artgerm

DC Cover Girls - Ivy by ArtgermDC Cover Girls – Ivy by Artgerm

 Statues Art by Artgerm

Captain America Statue Art by ArtgermCaptain America Statue Art by Artgerm

hulk_print_final_lr2_by_artgerm-d6lzm9tHulk Statue Art by Artgerm

Female superheroes on the cover of a magazine imaginary called ” Justice Magazine “

catwoman_magazine_final_lr_by_artgerm-d62sv0qJustice Magazine-Catwoman by Artgerm

justice_mag___harley_quinn_by_artgerm-d6i2p16 Justice Mag – Harley Quinn by Artgerm

justice_mag___poison_ivy_by_artgerm-d6ftjlrJustice Mag – Poison Ivy by Artgerm

supergirl_magazine_final_lr_by_artgerm-d61tugsJustice Mag – Supergirl by Artgerm

Other artwork by Artgerm

imaginefx_elektra_final_by_artgerm-d6oso3aImaginefx Bookazine – Elektra by Artgerm

foxy_ahri_by_artgerm-d6lqxo3Foxy Ahri by Artgerm

katarina_poster_art_by_artgerm-d6qohlwKatarina Poster Art by Artgerm

janna_poster_art_by_artgerm-d6qohysJanna Poster Art by Artgerm

khaleesi2_lr_by_artgerm-d6o3i6nMother of Dragons by Artgerm

peacock_queen_final_lr_by_artgerm-d5us3xo (1)Peacock Queen by Artgerm

qotd_final_lr_by_artgerm-d6sgp0mQueen of the Dead by Artgerm

robyn_hood_wanted_1_by_artgerm-d5wxd2iRobyn Hood Wanted 1 by Artgerm

The Last Hope by ArtgermThe Last Hope by Artgerm

the_little_explorer_by_artgerm-d6rb47oThe Little Explorer by Artgerm

brandon_lr_by_artgerm-d6nyunqBrandon Ir by Artgerm