Digital Art by Michail Rahmatozz

Michail Rahmatozz by name from the “deviantArt” or his real name Mikhail Rakhmatullin is a Russian artist who lives in Moscow. He  has a complex preparation, both for painting traditional and digital painting. Most works from the last period are made in digital technics.  Rahmatozz’s paintings range from landscapes to concepts of art or from portraits in scenes of high tension, or science fiction.

See the article below his amazing paintings. For a complete portfolio using the link: deviant Art.


silvan_by_rahmatozz-d5jybw8Silvan by Michail Rahmatozz – Landscape & Scenery

dragonslayers_by_rahmatozz-d5jybduDragonslyers by Michail Rahmatozz – Fantasy

battle_by_rahmatozz-d4nkw9iBattle by Michail Rahmatozz – Conceptual

goddess_of_rebirth_by_rahmatozz-d3hyq7iGoddess of rebirth by Michail Rahmatozz – Fantasy

fort_by_rahmatozz-d5lw02kFort by Michail Rahmatozz – Landscape & Scenery

golem_by_rahmatozz-d627zayGolem by Michail Rahmatozz  – Sci-Fi

city_5_by_rahmatozz-d5mbritCity_5 by Michail Rahmatozz – Landscape & Scenery

hell_station_by_rahmatozz-d56tjkkHell station by Michail Rahmatozz – Sci-Fi

civilian_girl_by_rahmatozz-d5jybmnCivilian girl by Michail Rahmatozz -People

girl_7s4_by_rahmatozz-d5w9hpkGIRL 7S4 by Michail Rahmatozz – People

old_man_2_3s_by_rahmatozz-d5w9hhtOLD MAN  2 3s by Michail Rahmatozz – People

gorilla_cop_by_rahmatozz-d4oxix5Gorilla cop by Michail Rahmatozz – Sci-Fi

cyber_238_by_rahmatozz-d5nln52Cyber-238 by Michail Rahmatozz – Sci-Fi

dog4s2_by_rahmatozz-d5tx1abDog 4s2 by Michail Rahmatozz – Sci-Fi

alien_by_rahmatozz-d3j1x7kAlien by Michail Rahmatozz – Portrait

mechanic_by_rahmatozz-d3i9kd7Mechanic by Michail Rahmatozz – Sci-Fi