Fractal Art by JP-Talma

Hello, friends!

Today I will show you something interesting, a new kind of art,  Fractal Art;

“Fractal” is a mathematical element based on an equation subjected to an iteration, a form of reverse connection, a repetitive  form. In other words, a fractal is an irregular geometric figure that can be fragmented by certain rules so that each fragment can repeat until a certain level the initial figure.

This term was introduced by French mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. In nature we have many examples of fractals that can form a complete gallery of Fractal Art.  Among these: mountain ranges, clouds, snowflakes, trees, sand dunes, coastlines, plant leaves, shells, snails and more. A special structure of fractals is one special kind of broccoli named “Romanesco”.

Artists exercise their talent and imagination using fractal on computer and they create spectacular images. An example of fractal artists is master JP-Talma from Trinidad and Tobago. Artist’s imagination, colors and light on the one hand and choosing a suitable mathematical algorithm on the other hand – makes the work of JP-Talma a magnificent work.

Although  it seems a paradox, his works are a perfect blend of digital art and mathematics. All “fractals” produced by the artist design a beautiful colored image with shadows and lights that amaze viewer`s eye. Fractal art images provided by the artist, can be viewed on JP-Talma profile on DA.

In the article below you can admire the most fascinating “fractals” produced by JP-Talma

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Crossroads of the five mystic path

Consequence of the excavation

Coiled wave

Analysis of foreign object complete

Embedded wave motion

 Fawail of the bursting dawn

Wave of primal larva

To be a master

The primary core

Tangle of the vines

Relkix of the flowing dusk

Natural energy

Nanotube architecture

Migration of the vermilion and cyan whip