Photo manipulation art by Elena Dudina

Elena Dudina is a Russian artist who lives in Spain. She is specialized in photo manipulation, illustration, fields that she loves and practices them successfully.

Elena is a master of Photo manipulation distinguished by the arrangement of the elements in a theme, after positioning of light and darkness and by colors and graphics quality. Her portraits are full of imagination that takes us into the world of story. In her work we meet fantastic characters such as heroes of legends, mermaids, elves and fairies, butterflies, princesses and witches.

All elements used by the artist to achieve themes are carefully chosen.

They are spectacular and I refer in particular to the female models, a rare beauty. You can fall in love for them even at first glance.

Elena`s boundless imagination is accompanied by exceptional graphics managing to show us fantasy worlds with characters full of sensuality and mystery.

To learn more about Elena Dudina and her wonderful works of art, visit: or

I invite you to admire a selection of portraits of her works below.

little_fairy_by_elenadudina-d5w2il6Little Fairy by Elena Dudina

on_fire_by_elenadudina-d5h6a3wOn Fire by Elena Dudina

Didi by Elena DudinaDidi by Elena Dudina

deep_sea_by_elenadudina-d4tkl45Deep sea by Elena Dudina

el_valiente_by_elenadudina-d32cr1zEl Valiente by Elena Dudina

free_jump_by_elenadudina-d4qm3tiFree jump by Elena Dudina

hidden_bath_by_elenadudina-d4hxfh5Hidden bath by Elena Dudina

into_my_arms_by_elenadudina-d4yxxv6Into my arms by Elena Dudina

koalas_by_elenadudina-d4gg56lKoalas by Elena Dudina

warm_hug_by_elenadudina-d4zkuttWarm hug by Elena Dudina

berries_by_elenadudina-d4v6g9mBerries by Elena Dudina

quartet_in_the_woods_by_elenadudina-d4iwcyqQuartet in the wood by Elena Dudina

red_splash_by_elenadudina-d52hl7gRed splash by Elena Dudina

sara_by_elenadudina-d4whg51Sara by Elena Dudina

the_dead_god_legacy_by_elenadudina-d4vx5hyThe dead god by Elena Dudina