Typography by Stefan Chinof

Stefan Chinof is an independent bulgarian artist.

He lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. He likes typography, illustration, advertisng and jazz. Stefan has an extraordinary passion for details, uses powerful colours and sometimes extravagant shapes. His works are a perfect combination.

Stefan made his first steps in art in his last year of highschool when he also attended night classes of photography.

In 2001 he went to an art college where the curriculum was: 1 year painting, 1 year graphic art, 1 year sculptures and last year the students were supposed to choose one of them to specify in. He chose graphics where he experimented like crazy with lots of ink and other materials. In 2005, Stefan Chinof started working  in a small advertising company where he learned Corel and Photoshop. Won several competitions for illustrations and posters and got a job with a small magazine in 2008 where he found his way into typography.

For more details about the artist you can see Stefan Chinof`s portofolio on his website or on Behance and DeviantArt.

I invite you to see  part of his work here: 

 News submitted by typography

Subject – Money ($) and resources consumption.  Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof

Echo News. Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof

The letter “C” with the subject “Children of the World”. Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof

Universal symbol for women.  Stories about women.  Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof.

Strange cat with more news and typography. Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof.

 Stylized lily flower using many household items. Wallpaper by Stefan Chinof.

 News provided with relief printing

 Subject – Money ($) and resources consumption.

Universal symbol for women. Stories about women.

Number seven (7) and its significance.

 Solar energy and its advantages.

Quotes from Movies



“Rowell” in several different approaches.

Fluky custom lettering


 Aston font type

Type Treatments,Typography



 Stop by Stefan Chinof


For me it was a real thrill to see his work. Really for these work  I send him back the word “Repect”. If anyone else wants to comment here is free to do so.