Welcome into the magnificent world of wallpapers. First I will try to familiarize you with the word “wallpaper”. I`m sure there are new things for you to discover. First meaning of the word is one that we all forgot with all technology revolution – a material (paper, silk or other) that cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings. In stores it is sold in rolls. Wallpaper can have many types of models and colors. It applies onto the wall with wallpaper paste.

But as we know, “wallpaper” means a picture or design displayed on the background of a computer screen or mobile communications device. At the beginning of computers world, in the place of term “wallpaper” was used the term “desktop pattern”. Now in Microsoft Windows it is called “desktop background” while in MAC OS X calls it a “desktop picture“. A wallpaper image can be in a JPEG or a GIF file format.  Each operating system provides several pre-installed wallpaper images for the user to choose from.

Many photographers create “desktop background” or “desktop picture” for displayed a computer screen. These paintings called “Wallpaper” are made with different resolutions and formats, for example: from 800×600 up to 2560×1920 4:3; from 1280×800 to 2560×1600 Wide; from 852×480 up to 2560×1440 HD; or smaller formats for mobile devices: 320×480 iPhone 640×960 iPhone 4S;
1024×768 iPad 2, 2048×1536 iPad 3; 640×960 iPod Touch or 831×315 Facebook Photos

More of wallpaper semantic you can see from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_wallpaper).  In my article below, “Wallpaper Nature”, I presented some free “Wallpapers” from the Internet. All images can be downloaded absolutely free of charge and used for personal destination. I recommend for downloading free wallpaper, the site: http://www.hdwallpapersfree.eu/

Now, I invite you to enjoy my bottom collection, with or without comment. Feel free to do it!


Wild rose against a red pin from Canada

 Spring flowers

Birch wood

Tropical forest

Moon and trees

 Mystical pardise


Alone on the beach

Alaskan snowboarding

 Falling in love against Niagara falls-Ontario, Canada

Golden falls-Iceland

Iguazu-National Park from Argentina

Latourell falls-Columbia- River Oregon