Yayacosplay-costuming and creativity

Hello to you all ! Today I`ll present you a great art style practiced by American artist, Yaya Han. This art is called “cosplay”. Cosplay is short term English for words “costume” and “ play”. It is a form of art originated in Japan, in which participants dress up as characters from manga, anime, video games and comic books.

Chinese American artist Yaya Han is one of the few artists of this art type, which she dominates for at least ten years. Her work as a model, clothing designer, and director of cosplay themes brought her  many national and international awards. For unsurpassed creative talent in the Cosplay  hobby community and for her value, she is always invited to the most important cosplay events in the world as a guest, moderator, judge, interpreter or host.

Follow in my posting some of her best works. You can also track info about the artist on her personal site or on her profile of D.A.

If you feel so, you can, of course leave me comments about the works bellow.

amber_studio_shots_by_yayacosplay-d42pbth Amber studio shots.

arkham_city_catwoman_preview_by_yayacosplay-d57p4981 Arkham City-Cat Woman.

one_pill_makes_you_smaller____by_yayacosplay-d47hrpgOne pill makes you smaller.

catwoman___batman__arkham_city_by_yayacosplay-d59ym9aCatwoman _ Batman – Arkham City

the_mercenary_by_yayacosplay-d4nvijiThe Mercenary.

gotham_sirens_iv_by_yayacosplay-d4iwa4x Gotham Sirens iv.

fighting_stance_by_yayacosplay-d56g0l5Fighting Stance


new_cosplay__litchi___blazblue_by_yayacosplay-d4l6dvxLitchi Blazblue

Hello__Spiderman____by_yayacosplayHello Spinderman

faye_valentine__cfac_miss_april_2012__by_yayacosplay-d5a75ciFaye Valentine

empyrean_eyes_by_yayacosplay-d4gfxw6 Empyrean eyes

merry_christmas_2011_by_yayacosplay-d4k5vwzMerry Christmas

new_cosplay_preview___granado_espada_by_yayacosplay-d4qf1x9New cosplay previews-Granado Espada.

new_granado_espada___wizard_by_yayacosplay-d4qj7cuNew cosplay Granado Espada.

lineage_2___dark_elf_preview_by_yayacosplay-d5doubpLineage 2-Dark Elf

dark_elf___construction_notes_by_yayacosplay-d5hkwo3Dark Elf – Construction notes.

the_golden_queen_by_yayacosplay-d4iczvcThe Golden Queen

new_costume_preview___dc_comics__power_girl_by_yayacosplay-d5n9qmaDC Comics_Power Girl

rarity___my_little_pony_by_yayacosplay-d4js3vx Rarity_My little pony

queen_chrysalis___my_little_pony_by_yayacosplay-d5khx50Queen Chrysalis_My_little_pony

Yakuza_bodypaint_II_by_yayacosplayYakuza bodypaint II.

why_don__t_you_do_right__by_yayacosplay-d5ew5lpWhy don’t you do right?

Warrior_Goddess_by_yayacosplayWarrior Goddess.

the_opium_den_by_yayacosplay-d4d9cji The opium den.