Concept art and illustrations by Camila Vielmond

Camila Vielmond is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is specializing in fantasy art for video game, book cover, card games and other concept projects. Due to her talent to juggle with light, shade and color, her art appears as a classic painting, created with a brush and not a digital painting created with the help of a computer. Here are some selections from her work. For more about Vielmond, visit the following links: DeviantArt and her portfolio on her personal site.

Enjoy art!

Blind-Maestro-by-VielmondBlind Maestro by Vielmond

Dread by Vielmond

Dust-by-VielmondDust by Vielmond

Esce-by-VielmondEsce by Vielmond

Gillin-by-VielmondGillin by Vielmon

Ingvar-by-VielmondIngvar by Vielmond

Raevna-by-VielmondRaevna by Vielmond

Undone-by-VielmondUndone by Vielmond

Vaarsuvius-by-VielmondVaarsuvius by Vielmond

Mother-Bear-by-VielmondMother Bear by Vielmond

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