Amazing Digital Paintings by Serafleur

Major Kusanagi by Serafleur

Abigail Diaz alias Serafleur is a self-taught digital artist from Quezon City, Philippines. Sera has been attracted by drawing since she was 7 years old. Anime and video games were two passions that influenced her work.

From 2011, at about 18 years old, she began to draw digital, in a semi-realistic style dominated by feminine characters. Her art is focused on painting female portraits inspired by anime, video games and fantasy movies. Below are some examples of wonderful digital paintings made by Abbi. If you want to see more about posing portraits follow the links: DeviantArt and ArtStation.

2B-Nier Automata by Serafleur2B-Nier Automata

Capricorn - The Star Sign by SerafleurCapricorn – The Star Sign

Celica - Fire Emblem Echoes by SerafleurCelica – Fire Emblem Echoes

Ceres by SerafleurCeres

D.VA - Overwatch by SerafleurD.VA – Overwatch

Hermione - Yule ball by SerafleurHermione – Yule ball

Kaori Miyazono by SerafleurKaori Miyazono

Major Kusanagi by SerafleurMajor Kusanagi

Sagittarius - The star by SerafleurSagittarius – The star

See the world burn by SerafleurSee the world burn

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