Digital Anime Art by Unodu

Elaine Luo alias Unodu is an digital anime artist from Richmond, Canada. Her artworks are inspired from anime, games and movies. Unodu characters impress us by colors and fantasy.  In this post you can see  some selected artwork Elaine work. For more I will invite you to visit the following links: DeviantArt and Elaine blog. Enjoy the art!

niles_zero_by_unodu-da0y67iNiles Zero by Unodu

FireEmblemFates Leon-d9s28beFireEmblemFates Leon by Unodu

cold_moon_beauty_by_unodu-d9bm7siCold Moon Beauty by Unodu

character_01_by_unodu-d93xeskCharacter 01 by Unodu

S by unodu-d8ved3gS by Unodu

assassin_by_unodu-d8qtxfiAssassin by Unodu

BirdArmor-d8lditw1BirdArmor by Unodu

Fighter fish-d7yn2jfFighter fish by Unodu

enter_the_inferno_by_unodu-d7ui3dkEnter The Inferno by Unodu

of Moth and Butterfly-d7rkbaaof Moth and Butterfly by Unodu

oc_tory_sun_by_unodu-d7h2d1lOC_Tory Sun by Unodu

dragon_kin_by_unodu-d7adp9aDragon_Kin by Unodu

guardian_by_unodu-d6wkhm1Guardian by Unodu

ink_fish_by_unodu-d83hmoa (1)Ink Fish by Unodu

phoenix_demoness_by_unodu-d7641y2Phoenix Demoness by Unodu

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