Fantasy Art by Alexandra V.Bach

Alexandra V.Bach is a talented artist from France specialized in fantasy art. She is appreciated for books covers and video games characters made for different brands.

Name: Anneke Van Giersbergen
Location: Paris, France.
Fields: Digital Art, Illustration, Books covers, Characters Design, Freelance  Artist.

Web reference: Portfolio Site,  Facebook and Deviant Art.

We show here some selections of Alexandra V. Bach artworks. If you like them feel free to comment or appreciate with “Like” or “Share”.

amethyste_by_alexandravbach-d7anmd3Amethyst by Alexandra V.Bach

andromeda_by_alexandravbach-d6tc1xfAndromeda by  Alexandra V.Bach

dawn_of_victory_by_alexandravbach-d77x7lcDawn of Victory by Alexandra V.Bach

dominant_succubus_althea_by_alexandravbach-d7ddryqDominant Succubus Althea by Alexandra V.Bach

Elsa Frozen by Alexandravbach-d89wxc5Elsa Frozen by Alexandra V.Bach

eternal_bride_by_alexandravbach-d5mb3vnEternal Bride by Alexandra V.Bach

face_of_melinda_by_AlexandraVbach-d3663a8Face of Melinda by Alexandra V.Bach

fairy_queen_titania_by_alexandravbach-d7cbzw2Fairy Queen Titania by Alexandra V.Bach

farewell_to_lothlorien_by_alexandravbach-d5q8wqg (1)Farewell to Lothlorien by Alexandra V.Bach

mother_of_dragons_by_alexandravbach-d69yyh3Mother of Dragons by Alexandra V.Bach

requiem_art_by_alexandravbach-d674632Requiem Art by Alexandra V.Bach

selena_rosa_by_alexandravbach-d7treukSelena Rosa by Alexandra V.Bach

the_garden_of_good_and_evil_by_alexandravbach-d5jt8wkThe Garden of Good and Evil by Alexandra V.Bach

the_heart_collector_by_alexandravbach-d8hf8tuThe Heart Collector by Alexandra V.Bach

the_valkyrie_by_alexandravbach-d5kul5vThe Valkyrie by Alexandra V.Bach

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