Characters Concept by Karina S (Chirun)

Karina S alias Chirun, is a freelance 2D digital artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Chirun’s art is focused on characters concept for games, interfaces and more commissions. Also she is distinguish by characters with inhuman features (cat ears, glowing eyes, etc.), humanoid creature (orcs, goblins, unusual creatures, etc ) and animals & monsters. Take a look at some selections of her work and you will be convinced of her special talent for digital art. To find out more about Karina S, try the following links: DeviantArt and ArtStation.

axeman_by_chirunAxeman by chirun

ayla_by_chirunAyla by chirun

bone_maiden_by_chirunBone Maiden by chirun

cal_vega_of_the_black_widow_by_chirunCal Vega of The Black Widow by chirun

commission__the_summoner_by_chirunCommission – The Summoner by chirun

dr__frieda_johnson_by_chirunDr. Frieda Johnson by chirun

dragon_rider_by_chirunDragon Rider by chirun

elf_girl_by_chirunElf Girl by chirun

enchanter_by_chirunEnchanter by chirun

hinoki_by_chirunHinoki by chirun

komtur_by_chirunKomtur by chirun

sabine_by_chirunSabine by chirun

widowmaker_by_chirunWidowmaker by chirun

wood_witch_by_chirunWood Witch by chirun

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