Portraits Art by LoranDeSore

LoranDeSore is a Russian digital artist from Omsk. She specializes in the art of male or female portraits of any size: bust, medium or whole. Her portraits illustrate characters from video games, TV series, or personal creations. Fan art is an area the artist likes most. Elena Vorontsova or simply Helen on her true name is an artist of great talent and sensitivity. Look closely at her portraits below and you will be delighted by the colors, lights and shadows with which this wonderful artist is playing. For more pictures visit her profile on DeviantArt or Tumblr.

Enjoy Art!

bella_crawford_by_lorandesoreBella Crawford by LoranDeSore

Byzzi-by-LoranDeSoreByzzi by LoranDeSore

cassandra_male_by_lorandesoreCassandra Male by LoranDeSore

clara_by_lorandesoreClara by LoranDeSore

Dorian-Pavus-by-LorandesoreDorian Pavus by LoranDeSore

Dunmer-by-LorandesoreDunmer by LoranDeSore

fenris_by_lorandesoreFenris by LoranDeSore

fire_demon_by_lorandesoreFire Demon by LoranDeSore

inquisitor1_by_lorandesoreInquisitor1 by LoranDeSore

kellen_by_lorandesoreKellen by LoranDeSore

tanya_by_lorandesoreTanya by LoranDeSore

teelo_van_daal_by_lorandesoreTeelo Van Daal by LoranDeSore

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