Concept art by Tatiana Kirgetova

Tatiana Kirgetova or  kir-tat is a concept artist from Moscow, Russia which impressed us by her talent for Game illustrations and Character design. In this post you will see the most beautiful works in her portfolio. For more pictures of the artist Kirgetova, see his gallery on DeviantArt.

Enjoy Art

cry2_by_kir_tatCry2 by Tatiana Kirgetova

green_kosa_by_kir_tatGreen Kosa by Tatiana Kirgetova

akkarin_by_kir_tatAkkarin by Tatiana Kirgetova

almiraj_by_kir_tatAlmiraj by Tatiana Kirgetova

christina_1_by_kir_tatChristina-1 by kir-tat

christina_2_by_kir_tatChristina-2 by kir-tat

false_gods_protector_by_kir_tatFalse Gods Protector by kir-tat

irises_by_kir_tatIrises by kir-tat

sorceress_by_kir_tatSorceress by kir-tat

study_dyn_by_kir_tatStudy dyn by Tatiana Kirgetova

assassin_fin_my_by_kir_tatAssassin fin my by kir-tat

Vecher by kir-tatVecher by kir-tat

vorpatril__psd_tutorial__by_kir_tatVorpatril – psd_tutorial by kir_tat

Warrior of Nature by kir-tatWarrior of Nature by Tatiana Kirgetova

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