Funny Advertisements for Inspiration

This article will feature several ads that hope to help raise the imagination and inspiration of artists of this genre. There are advertisements for well-known brands, with simple images and texts, but with a viral effect on the public. In my opinion, this kind of ads appears most often in both the creations of the established artists and among the beginners. The pictures in this post belong to artists I met on Behance or Pinterest sites! Enjoy them!

2018-MUSTANG-by-John-Babor2018 MUSTANG by John Babor

CGI-Product-Visualization-Ferrero-RocherCGI Product Visualization – Ferrero Rocher

Creative-Poster-Pepsi-by-杰-克-Chengdu-ChinaCreative Poster-Pepsi by 杰-克 Chengdu-China

IKEA-Unfollow-Expectations-by-Ahmed-Mahmoud-AliIKEA-Unfollow Expectations by Ahmed Mahmoud Ali

KISS-MY-AIRS-®-Nike-30th-Anniversary-by-Reiss-HussainKISS MY AIRS-®-Nike 30th Anniversary by Reiss Hussain

Lotto-illustrations-by-Anton-EgorovLotto illustrations by Anton Egorov

Marvel-by-Andrés-Felipe-Guevara-RincónMarvel by Andrés Felipe Guevara Rincón

Mitsubishi-by-Nixon-FreireMitsubishi by Nixon Freire

Nike-x-R.T.-by-Antoni-TudiscoNike-x-R.T. by Antoni Tudisco

PEPSI-UCL-by-Chirag-DoshiPEPSI-UCL by Chirag Doshi

Salem-S3-GraphisSalem S3 – Graphis

Sid-Lee-New-York-MusiciansSid Lee-New York-Musicians

Snicker-Minis-by-tall-shortSnicker-Minis by Tall-Short

Tabasco-graphic-Beware-the-heatTabasco Graphic – Beware The Heat

Zachary-Scott-Miracle-WhipZachary Scott – Miracle Whip

2018-MUSTANG1-by-John-Babor2018-MUSTANG by John Babor


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