Creative and Funny Advertisements

You will find below some of the advertising creative and funny picked by me in my foray into the Internet and especially on site Behance or Pinterest. Nothing exists without advertising! I hope to inspire you in your work as artists.

Enjoy them!

ABSOLUT-vodka-concepts-by-rastereYesABSOLUT vodka concepts by rastereYes

Absolut-Vodka-Absolut-NightsAbsolut Vodka-Absolut Nights

AUDI-Mission-to-the-Moon-by-The-Scope-Digital-StudioAUDI Mission to the Moon by The Scope Digital Studio

Creative-Poster-Coca-Cola-by-杰-克-Chengdu-ChinaCreative Poster-Coca-Cola by 杰 克 Chengdu-China

Creative-Poster-Nike-by-杰-克-Chengdu-ChinaCreative Poster-Nike by 杰 克 Chengdu-China

Fanta-by-Ahmed-MokhtarFanta by Ahmed Mokhtar

Havaianas-Sport-Ad-by-Johann-VernizziHavaianas Sport Ad by Johann Vernizzi

Heinz-bloody-mary-by-Constantin-BolimondHeinz Bloody Mary by Constantin Bolimond

Minneapolis-Meets-Me-by-Ian-VicknairMinneapolis Meets Me by Ian Vicknair

Sid-Lee-New-York-Artists-Post-Production-References-AwardsSid Lee-New York-Artists-Post-Production References Awards

Tasty-kettles-for-Curtis-by-CatzwolfTasty kettles for Curtis by Catzwolf

Totem-Road-Tires-by-FeatherwaxTotem Road Tires by Featherwax

Nescafe-Ads-by-Ahmed-Mahmoud-AliNescafe Ads by Ahmed Mahmoud Ali

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