Art by Shannon Maer

Shannon Maer is a digital artist from USA that impressed me by his art that include Comic Books, Novels, Magazines, and Gaming Art. We will see below some of most beautiful artworks by Shannon. His girls characters looks hot, cool and sexy. The colors used by the artist are very clear and with great contrast. More details about Shannon art can be found here: DeviantArt. Also, besides the author’s paintings we find many tutorials which he posted on YouTube . Enjoy.

Angel-by-Shannon-MaerAngel by Shannon Maer

Batman-vs-Joker-by-Shannon-MaerBatman vs Joker by Shannon Maer

Bettie-Page-by-Shannon-MaerBettie Page by Shannon Maer

Catwoman-by-Shannon-MaerCatwoman by Shannon Maer

Elf-Queen-by-Shannon-MaerElf Queen by Shannon Maer

Fantasy-by-Shannon-MaerFantasy by Shannon Maer

Lady-Wolf-by-Shannon-MaerLady Wolf by Shannon Maer

Wish-by-Shannon-MaerWish by Shannon Maer

Shahrazad-by-Shannon-MaerShahrazad by Shannon Maer

Squire-by-Shannon-MaerSquire by Shannon Maer

Warrior-female-by-Shannon-MaerWarrior female by Shannon Maer

Witched-by-Shannon-MaerWitched by Shannon Maer

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