Digital Art by Leejun35

Lee-chan aka Leejun35  is a digital illustration artist from Vietnam which impressed me greatly by her talent for drawing portraits and anime characters. I chose in this article some of her works that you can admire below. More details about Leejun art can be found here: DeviantArt


study__light_by_leejun35Study – Light by Leejun35

bird_by_leejun35Bird by Leejun35

dark_kaneki_by_leejun35Dark Kaneki by Leejun35

jian_yi_by_leejun35Jian yi by Leejun35

kaneki_by_leejun35Kaneki by Leejun35

liz_by_leejun35Liz by Leejun35

oc_02_by_leejun35Oc 02 by Leejun35

oc_03_by_leejun35Oc 03 by Leejun35

Portrait_Girl_by_leejunPortrait Girl by Leejun

portrait_girl_by_leejun35Portrait girl by Leejun

practice_03_by_leejun35Practice 03 by Leejun35

sad_by_leejun35Sad by Leejun35

school_girl_by_leejun35School Girl by Leejun35

shuu_by_leejun35Shuu by Leejun35

sunlight_by_leejun35Sunlight by Leejun35

warrior_by_leejun35Warrior by Leejun35

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