Portrait Illustrations by Diego Fernandez aka diegoidef

Diego Fernandez aka diegoidef is a digital artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a great artist of female portraits that manages to impress us with its wonderful work. In his portraits, surrealism discrete elements combine perfectly with intense realism. Watch only hair and eyes of his works and will be delighted with its imagination and talent. More about his work can be found on DeviantArt.

113_by_diegoidef113 by Diegoidef

127_by_diegoidef127 by Diegoidef

214_by_diegoidef214 by Diegoidef

240_by_diegoidef240 by Diegoidef

242_by_diegoidef242 by Diegoidef


364_by_diegoidef364 by Diegoidef

jaqen__practice_sketch__by_diegoidefJaqen – Practice Sketch by Diegoidef

masked_by_diegoidefMasked by Diegoidef

pale_by_diegoidefPale by Diegoidef

rust___practice_sketch_by_diegoidefRust – Practice sketch by Diegoidef

turquoise_by_diegoidefTurquoise by Diegoidef

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