Girl Portraits and Flowers by Pedro Tapa

Pedro Tapa is an illustrator from Manila, Philippines, passionate of female portraits steeped in flowers. He is a talented artist who uses Line art or Line drawing, creating black and white or color works.

Watch below a selection of works by Pedro Tapa. More images of his art can be found here: Facebook and Tumblr.

Deep-ShadeDeep-Shade by Pedro Tapa

Portrait-by-pedro-TapaPortrait by Pedro-Tapa

Choose-your-Path-by-Pedro-TapaChoose your Path by Pedro Tapa

eva-by-pedro-tapaEva by Pedro Tapa

hideaway-by-pedro-tapaHideaway by Pedro Tapa

If-you-go-away-by-pedro-tapaIf you go away by Pedro Tapa

Last-Forever-by-pedro-tapaLast Forever by Pedro Tapa

Love-and-Beauty-by-pedro-tapaLove and Beauty by Pedro Tapa

Make-me-feel-by-pedro-tapaMake me Feel by Pedro Tapa

Poppies-by-pedro-tapaPoppies by Pedro Tapa

Portrait-by-PedroTapaPortrait by PedroTapa

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