Illustration of female portraits by Ruoxin Zhang

Ruoxin Zhang is an artist from Shanghai, China, specializing in illustration of female portraits. The topics that she uses most often is part of the fantasy. Portraits of girls created by Ruoxin Zhang are very successful, colorful exquisite, beautifully lit and full of sex appeal.

For more details about the artist and his works of digital art I recommend you visit the following links: CG Society, ArtStation or her personal page. In the post below, you can find several selected images from the artist’s works. Enjoy them.

opal-by-ruoxin-zhangOpal by Ruoxin Zhang

psychic-by-ruoxin-zhangPsychic by Ruoxin Zhang

diaochan-by-ruoxin-zhangDiaochan by Ruoxin Zhang

butterfly-fairy-by-ruoxin-zhangButterfly fairy by Ruoxin Zhang

in-loving-memory-of-ruslala-by-ruoxin-zhangIn loving memory of Ruslala by Ruoxin Zhang

biyao-and-xueqi-by-ruoxin-zhangBiyao and Xueqi by Ruoxin Zhang

isa-by-ruoxin-zhangIsa by Ruoxin Zhang

red-by-ruoxin-zhangRed by Ruoxin Zhang

twin-sisters-by-ruoxin-zhangTwin Sisters by Ruoxin Zhang

white-bone-demon-by-ruoxin-zhangWhite Bone Demon by Ruoxin Zhang

xiaozhao-han-by-ruoxin-zhangXiaozhao Han by Ruoxin Zhang

yuji-by-ruoxin-zhangYuji by Ruoxin Zhang

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