A short trip through the conceptual art

In this post we present some talented artists and their works, the most popular of conceptual art. Among them we can mention: A.Thumler, C.Pearce, I.Mcque, Tyler Bolyard, Jonathan Kuo, Dustsplat and others.

The works were selected by the Internet, the sites of authors or other sites where they were displayed using the tag name artists. They have different themes but are among the most watched. Most of them are used as study works by students at Gnomon (School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation) and other young people who study digital art conception. Scroll down, scroll up to see all images posted here! Enjoy them!

indian-elephant-by-atarts-alexander-thumlerIndian Elephant by ATarts – Alexander Thumler

mad_bmx-by-christianpearceMad BMX by ChristianPearce

ian-mcque-approaching-serra-stationIan Mcque – Approaching Serra Station

louis-by-tyler-bolyard-based-on-a-concept-by-artist Bill SchwabLouis by Tyler Bolyard based on a concept by artist Bill Schwab

curse-of-strahd-by-daarkenCurse of Strahd by Daarken

michael-lim-slim-suitMichael Lim – Slim Suit

jonathan-kuo_dragon-archer4Jonathan Kuo – Dragon Archer4

jonathan-kuo_elf-warriorJonathan Kuo – Elf Warrior

last-of-us-by-fightpunch darren-bartleyLast of Us by Fightpunch – Darren Bartley

new_thor_2-by-dustsplatNew Thor2 by Dustsplat

ristty-sketch_3-by-dustsplatRistty Sketch3 by Dustsplat

stuart-harrington_environment-designStuart Harrington – Environment design

sci_fi-corridor-by-atarts-alexander-thumlerSci_Fi Corridor by ATarts – Alexander Thumler

supercarcacha-concept-by-alejandro-burdisioSupercarcacha Concept by Alejandro Burdisio

rat-bird-redux_d-by-christianpearceRat Bird Redux_d by ChristianPearce

b_86-murder-mallard_by-christianpearceB_86-Murder-Mallard by ChristianPearce

toby-lewin_tanks_botToby Lewin – Tanks Bot

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