Digital art by Charlie Bowater

Charlie Bowater is a young artist from England, born in Taurus in 1988.  She is self-taught in digital art that evolved through illustration and concept characters. Charlie loves music, reading, photography and generally everything beautiful and fun . These passions are the source of inspiration from her works of art.

C.B. has an impressive portfolio in DeviantArt. In her works meet special characters created for various commissions, characters from computer games, many characters of conception, and covers of his tutorials, 2d and 3d . She is also passionate about sketching portraits and fantasy.

Charlie is now working for Atomhawk Design studios.  Her art has been published in Ballistic Publishing ‘s Exposé and Exotique. She appears in Image Fx”  where cover is the artist’s personal composition.

Watch here the most interesting works of art of this talented artist . Enjoy!

2dartist_self_portrait_by_charlie140588-d3dofhaArtist- Self Portrait by Charlie Bowater

commission_lilith_ii_by_charlie_bowater-d6522cyLlilith II by Charlie Bowater

commission_sif_by_charlie_bowater-d54ftaiSif by Charlie Bowater

snow_white_by_charlie_bowater-d553qg1Snow White by Charlie Bowater

imagine_fx_cover_66_by_charlie140588-d3bryp2Imagine Fx cover 66 by Charlie

imagine_fx_day_of_the_dead_by_charlie140588-d4lt2gjImagine Fx – day of the dead by Charlie

commission__shala_by_charlie140588-d49ngr4Shala by Charlie

sailor_moon_by_charlie_bowater-d6s1yejSailor Moon by Charlie Bowater

injustice___gods_among_us___harley_quinn_by_charlie_bowater-d6oybhiInjustice – Gods Among Us – Harley Quinn by Charlie Bowater

injustice___gods_among_us___raven_by_charlie_bowater-d6p5p1zInjustice – Gods Among Us –  Raven by Charlie Bowater

the_place_beyond_the_pines_by_charlie_bowater-d67gf1jThe  Place beyond the Pines by Charlie Bowater

tomb_raider_by_charlie_bowater-d5xzpjdTomb Raider by Charlie Bowater

moonshine__2dartist_tutorial_by_charlie_bowater-d6cz5m8Moonshine  – 2d  Artist tutorial by Charlie

evolution__2dartist_tutorial_by_charlie_bowater-d6hxcppEvolution – 2d Artist tutorial by Charlie Bowater

character_line_up_by_charlie_bowater-d6b71uxCharacter line up by Charlie Bowater

Howl_by_charlie140588Howl by  Charlie

sketch_xvii_by_charlie140588-d3cd60gSketch xvii by Charlie

The_Chief_by_charlie140588The Chief by Charlie

sketches_xviii_by_charlie140588-d3d5d71Sketches xviii by Charlie

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