Fantasy and mythical creature by Sandara

We present in this item, fantasy and mythical creature by Sandara. Sandara is a young and talented artist from Singapore. All of her artwork is so amazing that you’ll spend more time admiring it. You find more of her artwork on DeviantArt.
Below you can see selections from her work. Enjoy it!

Black Dragon by SandaraBlack Dragon by Sandara

Blue Dragon by SandaraBlue Dragon by Sandara

Green Dragon by SandaraGreen Dragon by Sandara

houston_we_have_a_problem_by_sandara-d66gf5zHouston we have a problem by sandara

mage_battle_by_sandara-d5s76v7Mage battle by sandara

red_dragon_by_sandara-d6hpycsRed dragon by sandara

White Dragon by SandaraWhite Dragon by Sandara

garland_by_sandara-d6txqvp  Garland by Sandara

boastful_bagheera_by_sandara-d6bq2zxBoastful Bagheera by Sandara

riders_by_sandara-d6ora34Riders By Sandara

corgi_and_fairy_by_sandara-d5vh6byCorgi and Fairy by Sandara

mlp_villains___king_sombra_by_sandara-d6691deMLP Villains РKing  Sombra by Sandara

mlp_villains___nightmare_moon_by_sandara-d63wyklMLP Villains – Nightmare Moon by Sandara

mlp_villains___queen_chrysalis_by_sandara-d65jirrMLP Villains – Queen Chrysalis by Sandara

poster_by_sandara-d6tt6ubPoster by Sandara

Louisville Grand Prix Playmat by SandaraLouisville Grand Prix Playmat

tracks_by_sandara-d6ko5hmTracks by Sandara

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