Digital art by Igor Artyomenko

Igor Artyomenko aka haryarti is a young and talented digital artist, 24-year-old, residing in Kazakhstan. Igor is passionate for illustration: landscapes and scenery, storybooks, portraits and conceptual.

Location: Karaganda
Fields: Digital Art, Illustrator
Web reference: DeviantArt, Facebook

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his illustration art. If you liked this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

transistor_by_haryarti-d7kmavnTransistor by haryarti

lina_by_haryarti-d7b48euLina by Haryarti

red_run_by_haryarti-d7ls6x1Red run by Haryarti

saga_of_five_by_haryarti-d73exqfSaga of five by Haryarti

alette_by_haryarti-d778y3tAlette by Haryarti

anastasia_by_haryarti-d5xoglbAnastasia by Haryarti

archer_by_haryarti-d73ey1aArcher by Haryarti

assassins_creed_iv_black_flag_fanart_by_haryarti-d74xp20 (1)Assassins Creed iv black flag fanart by Haryarti

colors_of_autumn_2_by_haryarti-d5g7pq5Colors of Autumn-2 by Haryarti

diablo_iii_fanart_contest_by_haryarti-d7a0qlhDiablo iii fanart contest by Haryarti

il_2_by_haryarti-d5h6l72IL-2 by Haryarti

lost_ships_by_haryarti-d6vks8yLost Ships by Haryarti

seaknights_by_haryarti-d5evk3tSeaknights by Haryarti

stream_darktown_by_haryarti-d5ikl77Stream Darktown by Haryarti

stream_helloween_by_haryarti-d5j838nStream Helloween by Haryarti

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