Digital Art by WangLing (Wlop)

Wang Ling (Wlop) is a hobbyist digital artist, born in China. His illustrations are from the fantasy world of stories. His style is recognized by fascinating characters and a couple of elements always present as rain, water and wind.

Location: Hong Kong.
Fields: Digital Art – freelance artist in spare time. Current, he work as an IC Design Engineer.
Achievements: Art and Story – GhostBlade , Personal Work, Undisclosed Project.
Web referenceDeviantArtFacebookTumblr.

Magic Art World shows here some selection of his digital art. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

warrior_2_by_wlop-d2c8vrv Warrior 2 by Wlop

angel_by_wlop-d5xza59Angel by Wlop

daybreak_by_wlop-d2dm3qwDaybreak by Wlop

ghostblade__burning_rose_by_wlop-d6zpklw Ghostblade – Burning Rose by Wlop

god_of_death_by_wlop-d63p4p0 God of Death by Wlop

heaven_tower_by_wlop-d72a4wkHeaven Tower by Wlop

hongkong_by_wlop-d5bs141Hongkong by Wlop

hunt_by_wlop-d5kg9poHunt by Wlop

judge_by_wlop-d698uanJudge by wlop

leave by wlop-d74n9xrLeave by Wlop

light_and_darkness_by_wlop-d7c7hcnLight and Darkness by Wlop

passer_by_by_wlop-d5ff4zmPasser by by Wlop

quiet_by_wlop-d6bs8r8Quiet by Wlop

sky_lanterns_by_wlop-d7b5nfgSky Lanterns by Wlop

surprise_by_wlop-d65golvSuprise by Wlop

twins_by_wlop-d679l7oTwins by Wlop

warrior3_by_wlop-d3hbet0Warrior3 by Wlop

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