Illustrations by Ulyana Regener

Ulyana Regener aka Selenada is a self taught artist, born in Russia. Her illustrations are very easily noticed through the stunning portraits from her portfolio.

Location: Current Residence – Switzerland.
Fields: Digital Art,  Illustration, Photomanipulation – freelance artist.
Achievements: Many Commissions, Personal Work,  Books Covers, Watercolor painting, Tutorials, Undisclosed Project.
Web reference:  DeviantArtFacebook, Tumblr.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of her digital painting. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

starfish_by_selenada-d4siwn1Starfish by Selenada

black_angel_by_selenada-d6rfoz9Black Angel by Selenada

commission__lochlan_by_adelenta-d4lxcbaCommission – Lochlan by Selenada

commission__rand_by_adelenta-d4gccxrCommission – Rand by Selenda

commission__shiloh_by_adelenta-d4htue0Commission – Shiloh by Selenada

Constantijna_by_adelentaConstantijna by Selenada

fisherman_s_son_by_adelenta-d46s3wwFisherman’s Son by Selenada

flower_gentle_by_selenada-d6tgt2pFlower Gentle by Selenada

girl_with_pink_hair__by_adelenta-d4k3cjsGirl  with Pink Hair by Selenada

hello__i_am_blueberry_by_adelenta-d3capxwHello I am Blueberry by Selenada

kitiana_the_vampire_by_adelenta-d41xkbf Kitiana the Vampire by Selenada

la_demoiselle_au_ruban_noir_by_selenada-d7bqg9hLa Demoiselle au Ruban Noir by  Selenada

mistress_z_by_adelenta-d5ztpjfMistress Z by Selenada

my_universe_by_adelenta-d64rphdMy Universe by Selenada

Nina_by_adelentaNina by Selenada

princess_lauralye_by_selenada-d6wy14iPrincess Lauralye by Selenada

princess_mononoke_by_adelenta-d61l8v1Princess Mononoke by Selenada

sister_of_the_night_by_selenada-d6ubjwdSister of the Night by Selenada

snow_white_by_adelenta-d66e2r4 Snow White by Selenada

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