Digital Illustrations by Phoenix Lu

Artist: Phoenix Lu from People’s Republic of China. Her digital illustrations contains many personal creative elements combined with traditional Chinese elements, like for example, clothing.

Location: Beijing

Fields: Digital Art, Freelance Illustrator 

Achievements: Many Commissions, Books Covers, Undisclosed Project.

Web reference:  DeviantArt, Personal Blog

Magic Art World shows here some selections of her artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

Maria by PhoenixLu Maria by PhoenixLu

Krasin by PhoenixLuKrasin by PhoenixLu

katt_by_phoenixlu-d6hchrsKatt by PhoenixLu

Kuja by PhoenixLuKuja by PhoenixLu

Sif by PhoenixLuSif by PhoenixLu

arcadia_by_phoenixlu-d58ah8xArcadia by PhoenixLu

sattelite_by_phoenixlu-d5jxkhtSattelite by PhoenixLu

Altais by PhoenixLuAltais by PhoenixLu

Bride by PhoenixLuBride by PhoenixLu – Book Cover

Sound of Knell by PhoenixLuSound of Knell by PhoenixLu – Book Cover

baili_by_phoenixlu-d6qwccs BaiLi by PhoenixLu – Book Cover

Cover 07 by PhoenixLu Illustration by PhoenixLu – Cover 07

ZiJing by PhoenixLuZiJing by PhoenixLu

countermage_by_phoenixlu-d5d5zw5Countermage by PhoenixLu – Fatasy

Shi En by PhoenixLu  Shi En by PhoenixLu – Fantasy

PleaseComeDownLikeAnAngel by PhoenixLu PleaseComeDownLikeAnAngel by PhoenixLu

Twin's heart by PhoenixLuTwin’s heart by PhoenixLu

Matthew and Kailyn by PhoenixLuMatthew and Kailyn by PhoenixLu

forbidden_kiss_by_phoenixlu-d6e5k0eForbidden Kiss  by PhoenixLu

The Moment by PhoenixLuThe Moment by PhoenixLu

Merunes Fisher by PhoenixLuMerunes Fisher by PhoenixLu

Merunes Clergy by PhoenixLuMerunes Clergy by PhoenixLu

Merunes Illusionist by PhoenixLuMerunes Illusionist by PhoenixLu

Boxing by PhoenixLuBoxing by PhoenixLu – Book Cover

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