Concept art by Spiros Karkavelas aka Aisxos

Artist: Spiros Karkavelas from Greece. I’ll show in this post some selections of Spiros concept art. You will find here a very talented artist.

Location: Singapore
Fields: Freelance Illustrator, Games and Concept Artist. Graduated from FZD School of Design in 2012–2013.
Achievements: Acheron Prime, Undisclosed Project.
Web reference: Deviant Art, Facebook and Art of Spiros.

Magic Art World shows here some selections of his artwork. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

Viking underworld by AisxosViking underworld by Aisxos

A strange windmill by AisxosA strange windmill by aisxos

Arriving to the underworld by AisxosArriving to the underworld by Aisxos

Battle of Taipei, 2021 by AisxosBattle of Taipei, 2021 by Aisxos

Helo drop by AisxosHelo drop by Aisxos

Littlebird and drone by AisxosLittlebird and drone by Aisxos

PBY catalina stranded by AisxosPBY catalina stranded by Aisxos

Screen shot 2014-01- 07 at 18.47.39 by AisxosScreen shot 2014-01- 07 at 18.47.39 by Aisxos

Spy yacht by AisxosSpy yacht by Aisxos

Future colosseum by AisxosFuture colosseum by Aisxos

Forever war by AisxosForever war by Aisxos

US military humanoid drone bay onboard the nimitz by AisxosUS military humanoid drone bay onboard the nimitz by Aisxos

Quick bike design by AisxosQuick bike design by Aisxos

Scifi girl design by AisxosScifi girl design by Aisxos

Live to ride by AisxosLive to ride by Aisxos

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