Digital Art Fantasy of Sasha-Fantom

Sasha-Fantom is a mysterious digital artist  from Ukraine. His artworks are from the world of digital art fantasy with technique photo manipulation.

Birth date: October 12
Location: Ukraine
Fields: Digital Art, Photomanipulation/Fantasy, Surreal.
Achievements: Personal Work, Undisclosed Project.
Web reference: DeviantArt.

Magic Art World shows here some selection of his digital art. If you liked this post, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

fires_of_universe_by_sasha_fantom-d69klfzFires of universe by  Sasha-Fantom

my_cute_teddy_by_sasha_fantom-d5vwyxjMy Cute Teddy by Sasha-Fantom

pilgrim_by_sasha_fantom-d5u7jx5Pilgrim by Sasha-Fantom

red_melancholy_by_sasha_fantom-d7isefnRed Melancholy by Sasha-Fantom

sabbath_by_sasha_fantom-d6ujs3uSabbath by Sasha-Fantom

savior_by_sasha_fantom-d6y02qgSavior by Sasha-Fantom

the_blue_bird_by_sasha_fantom-d6eq7kdThe blue bird by Sasha-Fantom

the_spirit_of_a_warrior_by_sasha_fantom-d5enmqyThe spirit of a warrior by Sasha-Fantom

love___the_door_to_the_cellar_by_sasha_fantom-d5z2lynLove – the door to the cellar by Sasha-Fantom

those_born_to_crawl_will_never_fly_by_sasha_fantom-d77n9g0Those born to crawl will never fly by Sasha-Fantom

mirage_of_night_lanes_by_sasha_fantom-d6sueffMirage of Night Lanes by Sasha-Fantom

voluptuousness_of_flight_by_sasha_fantom-d5xjq7xVoluptuousness of flight by Sasha-Fantom

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