Digital Painting by Eddy Shinjuku

Eddy Shinjuku is a self-taught artist from Malaysia focused on digital painting. The artist has a unique style that makes connection between the art concept of Western and Japanese. He is inspired in his artworks by: animation, comics and video games especially.

Born: January 29, 1986
Location: Malaysia
Fields: Digital Art, Fan-Characters/Fan Arts, Gaming/Movie/Book Characters,  Freelance artist
Web reference: Deviant Art

Magic Art World shows here some selection of his digital art. If you liked this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

x_i_u_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6v90rix_i_u by Eddy Shinjuku

alexandria___the_shadow_over_westminster_by_eddy_shinjuku-d7ng1vwAlexandria – The shadow over Westminster by Eddy Shinjuku

ballad_of_the_emerald_bard_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6lrt3bBallad of The Emerald Bard by Eddy Shinjuku

dungeons_and_dragons__antheia_anraza_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6kzqb5Dungeons and Dragons: Antheia’AnRaza by Eddy Shinjuku

dungeons_and_dragons__antheia_anraza_ii_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6sbgyuDungeons and Dragons: Antheia’AnRaza II by Eddy Shinjuku

dungeons_and_dragons__credence_by_eddy_shinjuku-d75x0qtDungeons and Dragons: Credence by Eddy Shinjuku

final_hours___mass_effect_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6gcnq4Final Hours – Mass Effect by Eddy Shinjuku

hayley_summerland___original_character_commission_by_eddy_shinjuku-d7ze0shHayley Summerland – Original Character Commission by Eddy Shinjuku

jinx__bang_bang_galore___league_of_legends_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6z60ycJINX: Bang Bang Ggalore – Lleague of Legends by Eddy Shinjuku

knight_templar_alexandria___zenion_games_inc__by_eddy_shinjuku-d7z07isKnight Templar Alexandria – Zenion Games Inc. by Eddy Shinjuku

little_fangirl_lightning___final_fantasy_by_eddy_shinjuku-d6v8y4aLittle Fangirl Lightning – Final Fantasy by Eddy Shinjuku

sonya_blade__butterflies_and_bees___mortal_kombat_by_eddy_shinjuku-d681zjsSonya Blade: Butterflies and Bees – Mortal Kombat by Eddy Shinjuku

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