Amazing Illustrations by Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is a talented artist who born and live in Australia. His art is distinguished by very successful illustrations inspired by the world of gaming, movies or TV series. Watch below some of the most beautiful works.

Born: October 24 1985
Location: Australia
Fields: Digital Art, Illustration,  Freelance artist
Web reference: DeviantArt

Magic Art World shows here some selection of her digital art. If you liked this article, feel free to comment or to appreciate with a “Like” or “Share”.

tyrion_lannister___game_of_thrones_by_patrickbrown-d69zocaTyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones by Patrickbrown

assassins_creed_3_fan_art_contest_by_patrickbrown-d5huq71Assassins Creed_3 – fan art contest by Patrickbrown

fallout_3_by_patrickbrown-d74mbqoFallout_3 by Patrickbrown

gtav_by_patrickbrown-d7jxo15Gtav by Patrickbrown

guardians_of_the_galaxy_by_patrickbrown-d7tmtnnGuardians of the Galaxy by Patrickbrown

metal_gear_solid_v__ground_zeroes_by_patrickbrown-d7fnexuMetal Gear solid _v – Ground zeroes by Patrick Brown

the_amazing_spider_man_2_by_patrickbrown-d6cakdmThe Amazing Spider Man_2 by Patrick Brown

the_game_magazine___assassins_creed_unity_by_patrickbrown-d7rwpu4The Game Magazine – Assassins Creed Unity by Patrick Brown

the_last_of_us_remastered_by_patrickbrown-d7twwk4The Last of us Remastered by Patrick Brown

the_witcher_3___work_in_progress_by_patrickbrown-d7yvlkjThe Witcher_3 – Work in progress by Patrick Brown

the_witcher_3_by_patrickbrown-d7zu9b9The Witcher_3 by Patrick Brown

tomb_raider___definitive_edition_by_patrickbrown-d76zoz7Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition by Patrick Brown

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