Fantastic Digital Illustrations by Nebezial

Stjepan Sejic aka Nebezial is a fantastic digital illustrator from Croatia. He is the author of several comic books such as Battlestar Galactica, Xena, Warrior Princess, Red Sonja, Savage Tales and Realm of Kings launched by renowned publishers such as Marvel, Dynamite Entertainment and Arcana Studios. Currently working as an illustrator at Top Cow Productions, where made ​​comic books series, Witchblade and Artifacts, art genre: Action / Supernatural and newer series Ravine, Fantasy genre. Compared with traditional fantasy “The Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones,” “Ravine” remains the most amazing artwork of his career Sejic. As a trade, do not know if the artist pseudonym Nebezial taken after the name of the main character of ” Ravine ” Asher Nebezial or vice versa. Complete portfolio of extraordinary artist Stjepan Sejic can be viewed on deviantART or CG Portfolio.

Below you can admire a selection of his works of art. Feel free to comment or share on Facebook and Google+ what you liked more.

a_cyberforce_variant_cover_idea_by_nebezial-d5ql9dtA Cyberforce variant cover idea by Nebezial

aphrodite9___i_hate_ninjas__by_nebezial-d6qao55Aphrodite 9 – I hate ninjas by Nebezial

aphrodite_9____who_you_gonna_call__by_nebezial-d5x83uuAphrodite 9 – Who you gonna call by Nebezial

aphrodite_9_cover___ahem_by_nebezial-d6vlbxrAphrodite 9 – Cover…ahem by Nebezial

aphrodite_9_cover_color_by_nebezial-d6idfftAphrodite 9 – Cover color by Nebezial

just_a_rogue_inspired_by___a_word____by_nebezial-d674r1dJust a rogue inspired by ….a word… by Nebezial

just_keepin_it_real_by_nebezial-d6xvumaJust keepin it real by Nebezial

death_by_snu_snu_by_nebezial-d6x9ipcDeath by Snu Snu by Nebezial

shewoman___shaddap__it_makes_sense_by_nebezial-d6y3r81Shewoman…shaddap… It makes sense… by Nebezial

felt_a_bit_nostalgic_this_mornin_xd_by_nebezial-d5pfy5uFelt a bit nostalgic this mornin xd by Nebezial

ravine__ophelia_corredan_by_nebezial-d60k3biRavine… Ophelia Corredan by Nebezial

savage_cyclops___aawww_yeeeaahh_by_nebezial-d6lvuxySavage Cyclops……aawww_yeeeaahh by Nebezial

she_ra___iiis_not_impressed___im_on_a_roll_here_by_nebezial-d561nusShe ra…iiis not impressed…I’m on a roll here… by Nebezial

turns_out_it_s_nightwing_by_nebezial-d6pwar0Turns out it’s nightwing by Nebezial

artifacts_28_cover_by_nebezial-d5rwwxlArtifacts 28 cover by Nebezial

bad_parker__by_nebezial-d6mk7gaBad Parker…by Nebezial

witchblade_tpb_cover_top_cow_by_nebezialWitchblade tpb cover top cow by Nebezial

ravine__if_the_scales_are_black_stay_back__by_nebezial-d5nsqj7Ravine – If the scales are black stay back by Nebezial

red_ranger_high_res_and_free____enjoy____by_nebezial-d6jkcslRed ranger high res and free – enjoy- by Nebezial

a_fun_dragon_warrior_silhouette_design_practice_by_nebezial-d67ralyA fun dragon warrior silhouette design practice by Nebezial

i_ve_seen_enough_hentai_to_know____xd_by_nebezial-d6zhcegI’ve seen enough hentai to know – xd by Nebezial

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