T-Shirt Design Inspiration

Printing t-shirts with messages or images are used to create a custom object or transmit advertisements. There are many artists specialize in Graphic Design and Printing who practice this art, associated with prints T-shirt vendors.

T-shirts are used by many commercial firms and companies advertising during launch or anniversary events: sporting, cultural, artistic or otherwise. Printing quotes or images are used both for decorating T-shirts and other items such as: tank tops , hoodies, cases or skinsĀ  gadgets (phone, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablet), pillow cases, tote bags and mugs.

Watch below the T-shirt inspired designs found in my explorations on the Internet. Enjoy them and feel free to comment.

0c92d5d6e4eb8e637d5fd0e63c03942cBrenham by Studio Muti , via Behance

4c2ea26e1c2f74a8eb8786b39f106422Believe in Bigfoot

4d277574124b31a290094f58e7ed7968Pace Runner’s Apparel by Nate Scronce

5c26939f5a41f0f97f5b3a912c783a18Peace Men’s Light Blue T-shirt

5f5c5d785159be958f2f60dc1fcf7439Cool t-shirt designs

6d88673e1db2348f71ef97b9fc86f02eAct Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss

7ca77cff0140eb1fb1cd299a9bd2a5c6 UTF Tee


22ac6460ed1c2e63ed7b5b1786c149cdHarley Retro


090e1b31f98fd29295e75b2eeb34f0b5Tony Concep

401e5b408d183899c4dd02497e617e78Brenham by Studio Muti

696de11a72b409788803d56e394676e9Give Hope

965efea5c4cabde36966f3d5bcf2980eSugar Skull T and other Dark offerings multi by StuffoftheDead,


5115c8f9b478d07a041e40ef8e070cf5Hired Gun – Golden

318228afaf60bede471bf255449aeb01QUEEN BEE (ILLUSTRATION) on Wanelo

378967c41406ea7f80760838bedf006dFUCK SHIT UP BLK on Wanelo

706802a5fcafcbfbe7b2d12f15f17e3aKnit Kong T-Shirt

2655308f9baf5eeb8ed98cd44f1d870ePirate Skull Flag

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