Fantasy Photomanipulation by InertiaK

Inertiak is the name under which exposes a hobbyist artist from Canada, passionate in the art of photo manipulation.  Among the genres of art made by Inertiak we can mention the following: fantasy, emotional, dark, characters and nature. The artist has a very rich portfolio in Deviant Art where it operate for more than 11 years. We present here some of her works that we hope to visit and comment you. For a richer viewing of her art, please visit the link: Inertiak DeviantArt.

celestia_by_inertiakCelestia by Inertiak

charmed_by_inertiakCharmed by Inertiak

empress_by_inertiakEmpress by Inertiak

farewell_by_inertiak-d87estqFarewell by Inertiak

palette_by_inertiakPalette by Inertiak

a_warrior_s_heart_by_inertiakA Warrior’s Heart by Inertiak

guiding_light_by_inertiakGuiding Light by Inertiak

hunter_by_inertiakHunter by Inertiak

merlina_by_inertiakMerlina by Inertiak

little_miss_witch_by_inertiakLittle Miss Witch by Inertiak

reverent_by_inertiakReverent by Inertiak

sadabahar_by_inertiakSadabahar by Inertiak

tears_by_inertiakTears by Inertiak

tempest_by_inertiakTempest by Inertiak

with_thoughts__by_inertiakWith Thoughts by Inertiak

the_lost_city_by_inertiakThe Lost City by Inertiak

the_dying_swan_by_inertiakThe Dying Swan by Inertiak

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