Fantasy Illustrations by Zezhou Chen alias Qrumzsjem

Zezhou Chen ( 陈泽舟 Chén Zé Zhōu) alias qrumzsjem is a Chinese artist, passionate about illustration art for computer game or book covers. Most of his works are inspired by the world of fantasy or science fiction. As characteristic elements of his art can be distinguished: the bright light applied to the main zone of painting and the diffuse shadow applied to a marginal area, creating images with a strong emotional charge.

Below are featured some of his most important works. To learn more about Zezhou Chen arts, please use following links: Deviant Art, Facebook and Personal Site.

the_prophet_s_dream_by_qrumzsjem-d8uyd2d1The Prophet_s Dream by Qrumzsjem

v_by_qrumzsjem-d8gmlbc1V by Grumzsjem

20150722_by_qrumzsjem-d9altk120150722 by Qrumzsjem

a_test_by_qrumzsjem-d7kp8gnA Test by Qrumzsjem

again_by_qrumzsjem-d8ee7spAgain by Qrumzsjem

before_the_world_ends_3_by_qrumzsjem-d86kj2vBefore The World Ends_3 by Qrumzsjem

before_the_world_ends_by_qrumzsjem-d7z12q6Before The World Ends by Qrumzsjem

cupid_by_qrumzsjem-d7y52nrCupid(surreal) by Qrumzsjem

knight_of_lies_by_qrumzsjem-d9alu0tKnight of Lies by Qrumzsjem

lightning_returns_by_qrumzsjem-d77a5x5Lightning Returns by Qrumzsjem

shield_knight_by_qrumzsjem-d8dl7yzShield Knight(fan art-game) by Qrumzsjem

star_princess_by_qrumzsjem-d6ex77kStar Princess by Qrumzsjem

the_prophet_s_dream_2__lava_confession__v2_by_qrumzsjem-d92mb4iThe Prophet_s Dream_2 (Lava Confession) V2 by Qqrumzsjem

young_prophet_by_qrumzsjem-d92oqjzYoung Prophet by Qrumzsjem

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