Fantasy Art Inspiration – Characters

Characters full of inspiration and fantasy from pictures below are among the best works seen by me, in my current journey on Internet. These belong to very talented artists such as:  Dos Santos, Jason Chan, Charlie Wen, Steve Jung  and others.

Each image expressing a certain style that matches the style of the artist creator of fanciful characters. Follow the article to the end and feel free to comment.!

3d26cdaa58aa9cce22d1380c5bccf657Book cover by Dos Santos

4c92b86f2370abb76870071dabeff3faArtwork by Jason Chan

9d498a01b911bc766b49694147241cc0Persephone by Eyardt

28c0c10ae69c571ba2311481bc879efcDaniel Dos Santos Concept Art 

37b4b27caacfdaae80d83a6782879644Artwork by Charlie Wen

2c463c10ccc39491f53272f4f33b30edAlfie by Howard Pak

67ab2ed401a9b03fe9df889a534cf813Kunoichi by SirTiefling

396a77081b74c6e2a77eb5ef0a97d66fVampire Assassin by Nemanja Stankovic

427c6afcad6ea48ba0e93212e90c0f1eNightblade by SirTiefling

790e5550ab3ca5b40196e40cece22408Guiding The Damned by SirTiefling

a216336b397972a118b37f48ae209e7aJason Mamoa as Aquaman by Rahzzah

atlantis-princess-kidagakash-nedakh-by-heri-irawanAtlantis Princess Kidagakash Nedakh by Heri Irawan

daa0d37f4893e16ec6d15aec4ffdfc5eAsian Warrior by Wazabi – Steve Jung

db66590f4a60a753160ffd13d3f94079Empire of Red and Blue by SirTiefling

e4520eb78dc7db4de8861cfb492e2ac3Angel by Carlos Quevedo Raphael

enesu_1_by_yayashin-d88k1dyEnesu 1 by Yayashin

pixie_advanced_by_verehin-d6gkzpnPixie Advanced by Verehin

taruteroi_by_yayashin-d8zqszkTaruteroi by Yayashin

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