Matte painting of Raphael Lacoste

Raphael is today, one of the most famous art directors on video games, a greatest artists of conception and matte painters.

He was born in Paris in 1974, but lived most near Bordeaux. In 2002 he left France and settled with his family in Montreal, Canada.

Raphael Lacoste studied from 1993 at the School of Fine Arts in Paris in section Arts and Media, Photography and Video. Later, in 1998 made ​​CNBDI School in Angouleme, France. Then he received a Master of Arts in European 3D animation with his first short movie “Nîumb”. In his art was influenced by his teacher René Laloux, Director of “Time Masters”, “Gandahar”, “Fantastic Planet” … which he greatly appreciated. This was the main inspiration that made the R.L. to move toward computer games industry.

After the 2000s, through the offer made by Ubisoft, becomes Art director for Video games and Cinematics (CG) for a period of more than 7 years. At Ubisoft, he worked on several projects such as: Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. He won a VES Award in February 2006 for his work of Art Director on Prince of Persia – The Two Trones Cinematics.

Awaiting new challenges, Raph on his nickname, enter in the gaming industry as Matte Painter and Senior Concept Artist for films like Terminator Salvation, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Death Race, and Repo Men. For a detailed biography can see: IMDb Mini Biography.

Raphael is today due to his work at Ubisoft, one of the most famous art directors on videogames and cinematics, one of the greatest artists of conception and final discretion but not least, one of the most talented matte painters.

To see more of his work visit his website and/or profile on D.A.

In the article below you can enjoy with the best works of Raphael Lacoste. See them with pleasure! … Comment … or like!

workshop_painting_by_raphael_lacoste-d5fku96Workshop painting by_Raphael_Lacoste

7b8b4e6b28557a13a2b8948a27356513-d33qou1Crash of The Mothership  by Raphael Lacoste

af4eb74ed7a2e406ff04db79f4190640-d5gjdg0Mining on Gliese by Raphael Lacoste

Arctic_Express_2008____by_Raphael_Lacoste Arctic Express by Raphael Lacoste

Assassin__s_Creed_Kingdom_by_Raphael_LacosteAssassins Creed-Kingdom by Raphael Lacoste

black_lung_captain_by_raphael_lacoste-d37uxw3Black Lung Captain by Raphael Lacoste

futuristic_bombay_by_raphael_lacoste-d4iat20Futuristic Bombay by Raphael Lacoste

gnomon_dvd_tutorial_by_raphael_lacoste-d3a0x7wGnomon-DVD Tutorial by Raphael Lacoste

migration_by_raphael_lacoste-d5tvqbsMigration by Raphael Lacoste

nyc_2025_by_raphael_lacoste-d4vozh0NYC 2025 by Raphael Lacoste

relaxing_on_rooftop_by_raphael_lacoste-d5kz0vzRelaxing on Rooftop by Raphael Lacoste

return_of_the_knight___by_raphael_lacoste-d5g0vk3Return of the Knight by Raphael La

takeoff_by_raphael_lacoste-d5ie75iTakeoff by Raphael Lacoste

vroom_vrooom___by_raphael_lacoste-d4vhv5lVroom Vrooom by Raphael Lacoste

Wind_Up_Girl_by_Raphael_LacosteWind Up Girl by Raphael Lacoste

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