Palmbook Photos by Chakrit Yau

Chakrit Yau from Thailand

Chakrit Yau is a 26 years photographer born in Thailand. He is an expert in computer science. Photography is his main hobby. Although he considered himself an amateur in photography, 10 months ago he became a DeviantArt Premium member. As photo equipment, he uses gaming platform PC Tools of the Trade Nikon D5100, Nikon F100, and Speed Graphics. See here the work of this artist and you`ll find what great pictures he makes. You can make comments if you feel necessary. You can also admire the entire portfolio on Deviant Art.


 Bhumipol bridge crossing Grand River in Bangkok (first).

Bhumipol bridge crossing Grand River in Bangkok (second). Bhumipol bridge crossing Grand River in Bangkok (second). 

Maldives revised by PalmbookThe Maldives, Indian Ocean tourist area.

Rama_temple by palmbookRama Temple of Ayutthaya Historical Park.  Ayutthaya City Island area is a protected area by the Government of Thailand.

Lan Hin Ngam’s name means “the field full of beautiful rocks”.

The Grand Stupa of Rama Temple by Palmbook

The Grand Stupa of Rama Temple.

Sunflower by palmbook

Sunflower, picture taken in the artist’s studio. I like very much this picture with color contrast and the light applied.

Sri Rattana Mahatat Temple in Lopburi, Thailand by Palmbook

Sri Rattana Mahatat Temple in Lopburi, Thailand.

Image of Bamboo Jungle former in Puttamonthon, Thailand. The jungle has been destroyed by water. The Picture is made five years ago.

Sathorn Pedestrian Bridge by Palmbook

Pedestrian bridge “Sathorn” which connects business district and BTS areas, BRT in Bangkok.

Photo is Saladaeng or Silom area of Bangkok. This is a business district of the Bangkok office. Chakri Yau’s work I love. He was very appreciated with his first DD for this work.

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