Digital Art by Sakimichan allias Yue Wang

Fascinated with colors and portraits Sakimi Chan is appreciated for her extraordinary digital art and her unique style.

Sakimi Chan with her real name Yue Wang is a canadian digital artist born on 18 June 1991. Characters like Hua Mulan, Zelda, Princess Mononoke, Aragorn, Jessica Rabbit are her special subjects. For  a complete portfolio,  Sakimi Chan can be found on his Deviant Art profile.  See part of her work here:

Hua Mulan by SakimichanHua Mulan – heroine with the same name as a character from a Chinese legend. Historical period of the legend is uncertain but after the last investigation it seems that it was the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534).
In Chinese, Mùlán  refers to “magnolia”. Family name “Hua” means “flower”. The name became very popular lately because its poetic resonance. In the poem, Hua Mulan disguised as a young soldier takes her father’s place in the army. She fought to defend the empire 12 years and distinguished herself first major military merit in the battle. 
Hua Mulan’s story has inspired a number of screenings and stage adaptations including the 1998 animated film Mulan and  in 2004 Mulan II, product by Disney animation studio at Disney-MGM Studios.
Artist Sakimichan presents us hes heroine Hua Mulan. Expressiveness in her work is much stronger than the character Fa Mulan in the Disney film.
Jessica Rabbit by Sakimichan
Jessica Rabbit is another cartoon character from Disney movies that inspired artist Sakimichan. We see a very beautiful, provocative club singer with a  strong makeup.  The colors and the light are great.
In the comic book “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” it is an immoral woman who cheated on her husband in the most comical situations. In the film she is reinvented as a moral woman, successful singer at a club called Ink and Paint Club. However she is one of the suspects in the framing of her husband, who was a famous cartoon star.
Pocahontas is the main character in the movie of the same name produced by Disney in 1995. The film surprised a love story of Princess Pocahontas, the daughter of a Native American tribe chief with a captain of a British settlers ship who invaded in the 17th century Powhatan Indian from Virginia, North America.
In portrait made by Sakimichan we see all the features in Disney cartoon : a beautiful young woman with exotic features, long raven black hair, smooth copper skin and sparkling dark brown eyes . She has Indian style clothes decorated with feathers. Half the water appears as shown in the Disney movie by a waterfall.
Rainbow by Sakimichan
Rainbow is the name of this portrait. Powered by an idea of the artist who always wanted this rainbow combination of colors for her hair.
Royal assassin by sakimichanRoyal Assassin is a portrait of an elf woman who was kidnapped by soldiers when she was young. When she grew up a strong woman, she decided to take revenge on those who kidnapped her and become a high-class assassin.  It’s a very good artwork. I love her tattoo. If I look better at her eyes and clothes, it seems that resembles Xena from the TV movie Xena: The Warrior Princess.
Si_fi Elf by Sakimichan
SI-FI elf . The dress fits beautifully on her. It creates a diaphanous image on the arm  especially the sleeve segment.
Silent Glow by SakimichanSilent Glow. Beautiful  hair color, exquisite lines on face and neck , perfect lips, stylish clothes . Her face seems quiet. Sleep tight little baby! Peace!
Tree light by sakimichanTree Light  A beautiful painting of a tree, embodied by a woman caught in its roots, covered with strands of long hair, which illuminates different parts of a dark wood. Striking green shades . It shows a strong energy released by this fantastic creature.
Red Haired Samurai by Sakimichan

Red Haired Samurai is a topic that has inspired many digital painting artists. Yet of all, the style “Sakimichan” is unmistakable. Red hair, thin samurai face,  special costume texture ,  warrior looking – these are specific features for digital master Sakimichan. She is almost obsessed with all these elements and therefore she renders them with unsurpassed perfection. Inner Power by SakimichanInner Power, yes there is. But outside power, what can we say? Look how handsome is this man ! His eyes,  his clothing and his sword make him look like an aircraft commander. Dragon Boy by SsakimichanTheme “Dragon Boy” is widely used in computer games. Here Sakimichan specifically wanted to paint a dragon using this theme. In his art we see a dragon on the neck of a boy. The boy’s eyes are green and his forehead is adorned with a diadem of the same color. He keeps control of the fierce dragon.

Aragorn by Sakimichan

Aragorn – inspiration of  digital master painting Sakimichan. Aragorn is a character created by JRR Tolkien in his fantasy stories. Also known as “Strider” and later as “King Elessar”, his Legend has inspired many filmmakers and artists. Aragorn in this work seems very well with  main protagonist of the film “The Lord of the Rings” played by Viggo Mortensen, a very handsome man and an appreciated actor from Hollywood.

Dante by SakimichanDante is the name of this digital portrait of Sakimichan. Why Dante? I do not know. I just know that it is a beautiful portrait of a young man.

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