Product Packaging Design Inspiration

Packaging design is a chapter in the great art category called Graphic design. The shape, the material, the color, the text and the illustration of a packaging contribute greatly to the successful promotion of any market product. The above features can only be achieved through good quality design. The project must have an original shape, the background color be as appropriate as the product elements, and the text and image on the label match the brand features (font, logo, etc.). Of course, a package can fulfill several roles, namely: transporting, storing, or simply presenting a product for sale.

Here are some valuable examples of product packaging with reference to how to present a product for sale that I hope will help raise the inspiration of artists interested in this field. If someone wants to promote on this site such articles, it is free to do so. Waiting for contact!

Alphabet-Milk Illustration & Packaging by Afroditi Constantinou
Argan Oil
A is for Argan Oil via Instagram
Awfully Nice Ice Cream
Awfully Nice Guilt-Free Ice Cream by Calum Middleton
Black Stone Porter
Cobram Estate-Olive Oil
Cobram Estate-Olive Oil by Kevin Beutelspacher
Cocoa and chocolate
Tilín Cacao – Cocoa and chocolate by Sweety & Co.
Coffee bean here
Coffee bean here by Vsevolod Abramov
Coffee cup package
Coffee cup package via Instagram
Maker - Coffee Roasters
Maker – Coffee Roasters via Instagram
Cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee via Instagram
Eoliva by Alberto Aranda
Eoliva by Alberto Aranda, via Behance
ODE Fine Foods
ODE Fine Foods Brand Identity & Packaging by Alexandros Gavrilakis
Frozen Ghost Vodka
Frozen Ghost Vodka bottle designed by Richard Graves and Chuck Paris
FUND Seeds Concept
FUND Seed’s package and branding concept by Elena Zaitseva
GARDEN KILLER by Anastasia Bashanina
GINRAW Gastronomic Gin Barcelona – seriesnemo
Honey-package Queen's Bounty
Raw Honey-package Queen’s Bounty via Instagram
Hop Hooligans - Craft-Beer
Hop Hooligans – Craft-Beer by Diana Barbu
Karnos-Greek Thyme Honey
Kirk & Sweeney Packaging Illustrated by Steven Noble Dominican Rum
The Balvenie - Packaging-idea
The Balvenie – Packaging-idea via Instagram
Smirnoff limited edition bottle
J. Fletcher Smirnoff limited edition bottle by Dribbble
Tine - Mountain Milk
Food Packaging: Tine – Mountain Milk

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