Vikings Characters by JF Oliveras

JF Oliveras is a young artist from Spain focused on the digital painting of historic and fantastic characters from the Middle Ages, located on the Viking territory of the Nordic countries, especially in Scandinavia. The most famous Vikings and Barbarians of the Dark Ages are the artist’s target in his works. Oliveras creates portraits of these legendary heroes on the basis of a previous study of Nordic mythology, so that his works look as close as possible to the descriptions of that time. All of the documentation and part of his drawings, wishes to use them in the future for the creation of a historical fiction art book. How well he managed to illustrate these Viking characters can be seen in the pictures below. For more pictures, look for Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols as this is his full name on ArtStation or DeviantArt.

Basil II by JFoliveras
Basil II
Byzantine Tagmata by JFoliveras
Byzantine Tagmata
Carolingian infantryman by JFoliveras
Carolingian infantryman
Dane warrior by JFoliveras
Dane warrior
Druzhina by JFoliveras
Harald Fairhair by JFoliveras
Harald Fairhair
Huscarl by JFoliveras
King Lothar I by JFoliveras
King Lothar I
Kurya Khan by JFoliveras
Kurya Khan
Norse-Gael jarl by JFoliveras
Norse-Gael jarl
Queen Gunnhild by JFoliveras
Queen Gunnhild
Rusla, the red maiden by JFoliveras
Rusla, the red maiden
Tora the shieldmaiden by JFoliveras
Tora the shieldmaiden
Wrath Of The Seas by JFoliveras
Wrath Of The Seas
Norse warrior by JFoliveras
Norse warrior

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