Sci-Fi Art by Artur Rosa alias ArthurBlue

We present now Artur Rosa alias ArthurBlue, a young and talented artist from Portugal. He is a self-taught artist, passionate about computer graphics. His works represent 3D landscapes of the future world or the sci-fi art. Watch his full portfolio on DeviantArt site. Magic Art World is an art gallery that shows the most interesting works of top artists from the magical world of digital creation.

Below you can admire a selection of his artwork. Enjoy them.

morning_walk_under_the_moons_by_arthurblue-d6vklzsMorning walk under the moons by Arthurblue

drawing_spirals_in_water_by_arthurblue-d60maxqDrawing spirals in water by Arthurblue

east_islands_of_claire_by_arthurblue-d6ftq4mEast islands of claire by Arthurblue

Reunion by Arthurblue-d6qttoyReunion by Arthurblue

oasis_by_arthurblue-d41dm8tOasis by Arthurblue

alignment_by_arthurblue-d54rvxmAlignment by Arthurblue

shores_of_virgo_by_arthurblue-d64kzq3Shores of virgo by Arthurblue

the_colony_of_virgo_by_arthurblue-d63njekThe colony of virgo by Arthurblue

the_dream_alternative_by_arthurblue-d5wvkfhThe dream alternative by Arthurblue

the_exit_alternative_by_arthurblue-d5wbqwwThe exit alternative by Arthurblue

the_first_three_by_arthurblue-d6keyivThe first three by Arthurblue

the_flaming_circle_of_our_days_by_arthurblue-d5xhpobThe flaming circle of our days by Arthurblue

the_hanging_pools_by_arthurblue-d65yqm8The hanging pools by Arthurblue

the_three_of_cygnus_by_arthurblue-d6r85id The three of cygnus by Arthurblue

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