Tattoos Art by Peter Walrus Madsen

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Fascinated by tattoo art I could not resist not to do an article on this topic. Even if the tattoo is a very old traditional art, away from the digital art, it is impossible to avoid the subject, especially when you meet an artist as genius as Peter Walrus Madsen.

Peter lives in Copenhagen – Denmark. There he has a shop “Meatshop tattoo” where his team creates the finest tattoos. His talent can be seen watching the models in his portfolio. Inspiration and perfection are the main features in Peter Madsen`s tattooing art. Besides these qualities must keep in mind that human skin is a very sensitive support compared to digital art where the support can be different, from cardboard, canvas to screen of a tablet. This art requires a great attention from the artist, a special technique and also some medical knowledge. It is a more complicated art. The customer who wants a tattoo should know very well what design he wants, where he wants it and how big it is. Once done the tattoo can not be deleted or modified with ease. The tattoo will be part of the wearer’s personality. It often looks like a tattoo speaks more about a character than his face.

Peter`s tattoos are very unique. Technique, clarity and quality of his works place him among the most important artists in this domain.

You can see more about the art of Peter Madsen on: , or  on Facebook.

You can admire some of his tattoos below. I have selected some specially for you! Feel free to comment, or click “like”.

arabic_truth_tattoo_with_geometry_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5f46huArabic truth tattoo with geometry by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

arabic_facial_geometry_tattoo_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5f46leArabic facial geometry by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

freya_godmask_with_urnes_cats_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5uba7cFreya godmask  with urnes cats by Meatshop tattoo- Peter Madsen

church_sleeve__done_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5x51fdChurch sleeve done by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

more_of_the_bull_tattoo_by_jotuntroll-d30sqy5 More of the bull tattoo by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

Big_Ram_aries_tattoo_by_JotuntrollBig Ram Aries tattoo by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

freya__mucha_styled_in_dots_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5hn4vz Freya mucha styled by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

ibex_tattoo_by_jotuntroll-d3gaz36Ibex tattoo by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

henna_foot_tattoo_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5narsdHenna foot tattoo by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

hermes_wings_finished_by_jotuntroll-d322kybHermes wings finished by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

nordic_polynesian_sleeve_part_1_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5obda3Nordic Polynesian sleeve part I by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

my_little_pony__bu_judas_by_meatshop_tattoo-d53fba4My little pony bu Judas  by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Mdsen

polynesian_project__healed_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5u4b9tPolynesian project healed by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

nordic_wyrm_urnes_style_sleeve_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5hn5nxNordic wyrm urnes style sleeve by Meatshop tattoo -Peter Madsen

polynesian_project__chest_finished_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5uvrcc Polynesian project chest finished by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Madsen

the_tree_of_paradise_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5s7jsh 1The tree of paradise by Meatshop tattoo -Peter Madsen

urnes_style_cats_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5f45q3 Urnes style cats by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Walrus Madsen

urnes_style_dragon_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5jeu6sUrnes style dragon by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Walrus Madsen

wip_skull_by_jotuntroll-d3dzyzbWip skull by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

polynesian_tribal_stage_2_by_jotuntroll-d3cwkp4_1Polynesian tribal stage 2 by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

raven_tree_tattoo__pro_photo_2_by_jotuntroll-d3i9evk Raven tree tattoo pro photo 2 by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

ravens__triskele_and_suncross__by_jotuntroll-d38djemRaven treschele and suncross by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

skoll_the_wolf_by_jotuntroll-d33uv40Skoll the wolf by Meatshop tattoo – Jotuntroll

swastika_foot__wip_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5o004sSwastica foot wip by Meatshop tattoo – Peter Walrus Madsen

nordic_repair_job_by_meatshop_tattoo-d5hn5jjNordic repair job by Meatsho tattoo – Peter Madsen

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