Concept art and Illustration by Jonas De Ro

Friends, we present now a great talent in Concept art, Matte painting, Ilustration, Photography and more .. It is Belgian artist  Jonas De Ro, previously known under the pseudonym of Jenovah-Art. About Jonas we can`t say he has a permanent home, he traveled widely, depending on the orders he receives. Jonas De Ro graduated with Masters in Audiovisual Arts. Early in his career he worked as a photographer artist, providing resources pictures for game industry and movie studios. Inspired by his travels as a photographer, Jonas started to make illustrations and paintings surreal landscapes of the urban environment. After publishing these works of art in various magazines and on blogs he is very popular and receives many job offers.

Among these offerings are: Illustrator at Wizards of the Coast, Photographer/Texture Artist at CGTextures, Concept Designer at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies and Illustrator at Radical Publishing, Inc. and so on..

The artist is easily noticed by his favorite subject, namely urban landscapes, subject that starts from the real image and reaches the surreal. Key elements of his art are: light, sky and sun applied over the urban landscape, doubled with imagination and fantasy.

For more details visit his profile on deviantArt.

You can find below the newest and best works selected by us.

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entombed_by_jonasdero-d694g3dEntombed by JonasDeRo – A giant dragon skeleton made ​​of massive tree roots allow our imagination to create a fantastic story.

land_of_skyrim_by_jonasdero-d5gctpkLand of Skyrim by JonasDe Ro – A scene from the game Skyrim that the author loves very much.

dragon_lord_by_jonasdero-d64vj8eDragon Lord by JonasDeRo – An amazing painting which surprises us through shadow and texture.

hammercross_by_jonasdero-d5jgb4iHammercross by JonasDeRo – Urban fantasy inspired by the Parliament building in Budapest and a pair of the biggest buildings in Belgium.

a_place_called_home_by_jonasdero-d5ff1qwA Place Called Home by JonasDe Ro -Excellent composition. We like overlapping of these two images: poor perifery and shiny center of the city.

cities_of_the_future_by_jonasdero-d5jkvqsCities Of The Future by JonasDeRo – “Epic sci-fi city with ridiculously large monolithic buildings and an overall sense of cliché”.

gabriel_by_jonasdero-d5t0qn5Gabriel by JonasDeRo – Great Sci-fi piece.

summer_time_by_jenovah_art-d3kk7i1 Summer Time by JonasDeRo – Picture rich in detail and stunning colors.

forgotten_glory_by_jonasdero-d3jkcvyForgotten Glory by JonasDeRo – Inspired by a sketch of the Udaipur fortress in India.

railroad_by_jonasdero-d5j8ywwRailroad by JonasDeRo – Inspired from somewhere in Bangkok.

neon_manga_by_jonasdero-d3b32kgNeon Manga by JonasDeRo –  Wonderful city.

5bf0e4c96c21519f6f672332cafc8acd-d4oh49q Neo-Shinjuku by JonasDeRo – And a happy Chinese Newyear.

iroshi_by_jonasdero-d3bt1s1Iroshi by jonasDeRo – Big City in Action.

toronto_ruins_by_jonasdero-d52qwfoToronto Ruins by JonasDeRo – Inspiration with CN Tower.

mandira_by_jonasdero-d5lsjayMandira by JonasDeRo – Fantasy style with some more urban stuff.

stonehold_by_jonasdero-d5ev850 Stonehold by JonasDeRo – Source is Huniadi Castle from Romania.

temple_lagoon_by_jenovah_art-d3n0q0jTemple Lagoon by JonasDeRo – Landscape&Scenery.

temple_ruins_by_jonasdero-d5ej8ncTemple Ruins by JonasDeRo – Fantasy inspired from Vietnam.

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