Digital Art by Yang Fan alias Jiuge

We present now Yang Fan alias Jiuge, a young and talented American artist from Seattle, WA.  Characters from digital art created by Jiuge are of stunning beauty. They are well defined and have very stylish clothes and accessories. All artwork of Yang Fan impresses with color contrast and light.

To learn more about this artist please visit her portfolio on DeviantArt.

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Below you can find the best selection of new works. Enjoy them!. Comment and “Like” if you love this art.

thor_by_jiuge-d5o2j8eThor by Jiuge

jotun_loki_by_jiuge-d6amxszJotun loki by Jiuge

assassin_girl_by_jiuge-d6ajssfAssassin Girl by Jiuge

ms_marvel_fan_art_by_jiuge-d4ig6zdMS. Marvel fan art by Jiuge

iron_man_by_jiuge-d5gvf39Iron man by Yang Fan-Jiuge

kneel_for_me_by_jiuge-d54dsopKneel for me by Yang Fan-Jiuge

at_the_gate_by_jiuge-d4v8fseAt the Gate by jiuge

poison_ivy_by_jiuge-d3bneuqPoison Ivy by jiuge

born_to_rule_by_jiuge-d4up6v6Born to rule by jiuge

detail_of_born_to_rule_by_jiuge-d4uad0gDetail of born to rule by jiuge

emma_fan_art_by_jiuge-d4glz99Emma fan Art  by jiuge

new_cover_and_i_need_your_help_by_jiuge-d4d8lobNew cover and I need your help by jiuge

jason_todd_ongoing_petition_by_jiuge-d3b7wz8Jason Todd Ongoing Petition by Yang Fan alias Jiuge

daqiao_finish_version_by_jiugeDaqiao finish version by jiuge

aph_france_see_u_at_yaoi_con_by_jiuge-d31gp4cAPH France, see u at yaoi con by jiuge

talia_al_ghul_close_up_by_jiuge-d38hl1cTalia al Ghul close up by jiuge

Fleurs_Du_Mal_detail_part_1_by_jiugeFleurs du Mal detail part 1 by Yang Fan-Jiuge

aph_fan_art_book_is_here_by_jiugeAPH fan-art book is here by jiuge

artbook_cover_by_jiugeArt book cover by Yang Fan alias Jiuge

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