Video fractals by Brummbaer

Video Fractals” is art that takes us into the world of the multidimensional universe. Looking to this animated fractals you remain fascinated by sequence of images. You always expect the composition of new forms of fractals and are always amazed by its appearance.

Among the artists of genius in“Video Fractals”, there is also Brummbaer, German artist, currently based in America. You can learn more about the artist biography on Wikipedia.

Brummbael’s art you can admire on: its website, YouTube or deviantArt. Please follow below the most interesting works of animated fractals that I have selected for you from YouTube.

Enjoy them.

We Have Appliances by brummbaer

Tralfamadorian Autopsy by Brummbaer

A Short Moment in a Fractals Life (HD) by Brummbaer

Busy, busy, busy by Brummbaer

state_of_the_heart_by_brummbear45-d4ifm0aState of the heart by brummbear

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