Digital Illustrations by Chester Ocampo-elpinoy

I have pleasure to introduce you a talented digital illustrator that I noticed in my search on Internet. It’s  the artist Chester Ocampo of Manila – Philippines, called Elpinoy on specialized website deviantArt. Elpinoy means “The Pinoy” or “The Filipino”. Recently, he gave up this nickname, probably because many Filipino artists began to use it, thus creating some confusion. C.O. is specialized in Concept Art, Art Direction and Illustration.

The theme of his art is varied and includes: promotional pieces and advertising, comic books, comic book covers, character design and concept art, animation and animated game scenes.

Chester Ocampo is required to make works of art by various major companies such as: Animax, Cartoon Network, EA Comics, Berserk Entertainment, Corvus Belli and the list goes on.

Watch below some of his finest works. His grand master style in art Illustrations and Anime manga art is easily noticed in this sea of ​​talented artists from the digital world.

Enjoy his works!

Ethnotech_by_elpinoyEthnotech by chesterocampo – Fantasy

kwentillion_by_elpinoyKwentillion by chesterocampo – Cover Illustration

to_starboard_by_elpinoyTo starboard by chesterocampo – Sexy ladies

one_shot_by_elpinoy One shot by chesterocampo – Game Concept

libra_by_elpinoyLibra by chesterocampo – Sexy ladies

kitty_barracuda___opening_act_by_elpinoy Kitty barracuda_opening act by chesterocampo – Digital Media

the_butterfly_ninja_by_elpinoyThe butterfly ninja by chesterocampo – Fan Art

Army_of_Two___Desert_Warfare_by_elpinoyArmy of Two – Desert Warfare by chesterocampo – Cover Illustration

Eye_of_the_Storm_by_elpinoyEye of the Storm by chesterocampo – Cover Illustration

birthing_monsoons_by_elpinoyBirthing monsoons by chesterocampo – Delicate creature

test_pilot_by_elpinoy Test pilot by chesterocampo – Sexy ladies

WARSONG_by_elpinoyWARSONG by chesterocampo – Digital Media

Pepper_Pinay_by_elpinoyPepper Pinay by chesterocampo – Fan Art

The_Specialists_by_elpinoyThe Specialists by chesterocampo  – The Specialists – Process

W___P____stellar_swimsuits_by_elpinoyW+P stellar swimsuits by chesterocampo

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