Space Art by Taenaron-Tobias Roetsch

Tobias is a talented artist who is specializes in digital art and photography. Favorite subject of the artist is Sci-Fi about the universe called Space Art.

Tobias Roetsch (aka taenaron) was born in 1987 in Germany. Currently lives in Dresden,  the capital city of the Free State of Saxony . It is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech border.  He is self-taught in the use of Photoshop and other digital art programs. His favorite program is Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Terragen 081. Tobias is also very talented in landscape photography. Many photos are used by the author in spacescape artwork.

To become known as an artist, he and his friend Jeff Michelmann (guken), founded in 2006 their website GTGRAPHICS.DE presentation. I am glad to introduce you still most popular works in his gallery which reached number 500,000 views  site.

Tobias  works are intended for desktop wallpapers in several packages sizes. You will see a talented artist who can create a wonderful Sci-fi art of the cosmos and  and interesting photos of landscape and cityscape.

Visiting my gallery below is certainly needed.

 Space Art-Wallpaper by taenaron

cm_2_0_by_taenaron-d6gg7b4cm 2 0 by taenaron

Ancient Duality by taenaronAncient Duality by taenaron

liquid_curtain_by_taenaron-d6bc6mwLiquid Curtain by taenaron

ordinary_morning_by_taenaron-d4g1a1xOrdinary Morning by taenaron

ordinary_eve_by_taenaron-d5vtfgsOrdinary Eve by taenaron

three_mountains_by_taenaron-d5pc15lThree Mountains by taenaron

dream_by_taenaron-d34q599Dream by taenaron

Earth_2584_by_taenaronEarth 2584 by taenaron

Phlegethon_by_taenaronPhlegethon by taenaron

First_Snow_by_taenaronFirst Snow by taenaron

Photography by Taenaron

dresden_by_taenaron-d5q13buDresden by taenaron

blue_wonder_by_taenaron-d5biwf1Blue wonder by taenaron

bruehlsche_terrasse_by_taenaron-d5b1ix5Bruehlsche Terrasse by taenaron

Sunset_by_taenaronSunset by taenaron

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