20 Stunning Street Art

We present now some of the stunning images street art, found on the Internet. You will recognize here, famous artists such as: Aryz, Rookie, JPS (Jamie Scanlon), Dogh, Suk, Heat, Miss Bugs   and others.

MagicArtWorld is an art gallery that shows the most interesting works of top artists from the magical world of digital and traditional creation.

Below you can admire our selection of Stunning Street Art”. Enjoy them.

3b13adf385c17719b11b74b752cfba19• ARTIST . CASE • ◦ Suk ◦ location: Berlin, Germany

4a75877c13730da9d8be2033d6fe8887Mumbai Street Art SWAG.

4e6ed1a1ded013e012a8d65ccb822118Bicicleta Sem Freio.

21cd06bba290ddfee61b62ad2a3690f4Outstanding Fisherman Portrait Adorning Asia’s Tallest Mural in South Korea

025f681a592c14baa368d5a3e17672dbSalvador Dalí

042be71dd96327aa87b191cb1231aa47StreetArt by Anej

aeb5a8295ccc3dd5899df49d3f4ac132Fat Heat

995c8f6c9f51436bcde946e51bae5abbThis work by star fighter & fin dac … Los Angeles

490198deea7ed0e14ed6ce856ff8187bGraffiti in 6-floor building in downtown São Paulo.

a31e5076e79a4797bf540cf6854e0149JPS 2014

aa9bf22dacf68c538edb8d63b49137e6Street Art

b318242c4495c4bae2398e3f913c8cb1 Six Wild Animals Take Street Art To The Next Level in Johannesburg, South Africa

c013c1b9770c3df011d87d61ba231f8dFrom “Women Are Heroes” series by JR – Rio, Brazil

deafd5d4f80db007abfa01c30c044a82Standup – Street Art by Miss Bugs


186d0c837d6ea84ab089c3328eab86fdUkraine. Kiev – 2014.09

7841fbe86d3b4d4e50ac4f12d6e566cdThis little clique is the heavyweight! by Magee

Street art in Frankurt, Germany, by Rookie. Photo by The Weird

Street art in Frankurt, Germany, by Rookie. Photo by The Weird

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